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Desktop Fortran 77

This product has been discontinued.

For the seriously scientific user the Desktop Fortran 77 package enables a RISC OS based computer to be used as a cost effective workstation for developing large Fortran programs.

The Desktop Fortran 77 application (!Fortran77) enables Fortran programs to be compiled, linked and run from the RISC OS Desktop. When used with the source editor (!SrcEdit) supplied it can 'throwback' errors by highlighting the incorrect line in the source text.

The compiler fully conforms to the ANSI FORTRAN X3.9-1978 standard and. in addition, provides a number of optional extensions.

The package contains the Desktop Fortran 77 application (!Fortran77) , the compiler front end (f77fe), the compiler code generator (f77cg), a choice of linkers (oldlink and newlink), the source editor (!SrcEdit), the symbolic debugger (asd), the IFExt and IFLib utility libraries, which include routines to return the addresses of variables, make SWI calls and read and write memory, and the DrawF, Graphics, SpriteOp, Utils and Wimp public domain libraries. A text file (helpF77) is supplied to enable !SrcEdit to provide on-line help.

The User Guide describes the installation and use of the Desktop Fortran 77 package on a RISC OS based computer but is not a tutorial on Fortran programming.

Desktop Fortran 77 requires a computer fitted with 4 Mbyte of RAM, a hard disc; and RISC OS version 3.1 or later.

Download the Desktop Fortran 77 User Guide, SrcEdit User Guide and Symbolic Debugger User Guide (pdf format) to learn how the software is used.

II68 Desktop Fortran 77

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