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STEbus Interface Expansion Card

This product has been discontinued.

For a wide range of measurement and control applications.

The STEbus Interface Expansion Card for a Risc OS based computer with an expansion backplane and RISC OS 3.1 or later enables the use of an external STEbus input/output sub-system for measurement and control applications.

The large range of STEbus I/O boards includes: Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analogue converters; Parallel I/O (including counter/timers); Serial I/O; Networking Interfaces (Bit Bus; HART; etc.); Stepper and Servo Motor Controllers; EPROM Programmers; etc.

The STEbus (IEEE Std 1000) Interface comprises two single Eurocards connected by up to 2m of ribbon cable. One card plugs into the expansion backplane of the computer and the other plugs into the backplane of the STEbus System.

The interface enables the computer to directly address either the 4 Kbyte STEbus I/O space or the 1 Mbyte STEbus memory space (in 256 x 4 Kbyte pages).

The card which plugs into the backplane of the STEbus system provides STEbus system controller facilities. It is a potential master of the STEbus and has an on-card arbiter which enables the computer to be used in high performance multi-master systems.

Full software support is provided by the Intelligent Interfaces STEbus module.

Download the STEbus Interface Expansion Card User Guide Pages 1 to 23 and Pages 24 to 25 (pdf format) to learn how the software is used.

II38 STEbus Interface Expansion Card

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