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IEEE488 (GPIB) Interface Expansion Card

This product has been discontinued.

For communicating with laboratory instruments.

The IEEE488 (GPIB) Interface Expansion Card enables a RISC OS based computer with an expansion backplane and RISC OS 3.1 or later to communicate with the wide variety of instruments available from well known manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Fluke, Philips, Tektronix, etc.

The interface enables up to 14 test and measurement instruments, for example, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, function generators, counters, logic analysers, programmable power supplies, plotters, printers, etc. to be connected to the computer.

Areas of application in science and industry include laboratory and production testing and process monitoring and control.

Full software support is provided by the Intelligent Interfaces IEEE488 Module and BASIC, Fortran, Pascal and C libraries.

Download the IEEE488 (GPIB) Interface Expansion Card User Guide Pages 1 to 33, Pages 34 to 40 and Pages 41 to 45 (pdf format) to learn how the software is used.

Download the II04 26 Bit Version 2.06 of the IEEE488 Module and associated software.

Download the IM04 26/32 Bit Neutral (IYONIX pc compatible) Version 3.01 of the IEEE488 Module and associated software.

II04 IEEE488 (GPIB) Interface Expansion Card

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